1050 Rocznica Chrztu Polski

1050 rocznica Chrztu Polski

na falach eteru amatorskiego radia
od 01 do 30 kwietnia 2016


The On-line log is already off

Banda & modes statistic


SP5CCK(112), SP2GJI(97), SQ4AVD(88), SP2MKO(80), SP2IWK(77), LY2MM(71), OK1AY(66), SP9QMP(66), UT7AW(62), SP2BMX(62), RC6HF(59), SP6CES(59), RW6ATD(58), 9A2EU(57), ES1IP(57), HA6VH(57), SP9AJM(53), SQ4G(52), SP9GFI(52), DL1NKS(51), IV3XHA(50), EW8NB(49), SP3OKS(48), F5OEV(47), OH3GZ(47), YO6CFB(47), SP2DKI(47), SP3UY(47), DF1WR(45), SN6P(45), SQ9QI(45), SN1050PMY(44), DL1DXF(44), SP7ICE(44), SP7AH(43), SP6OJG(42), SP3J(42), SP8EEX(42), OM1AX(42), DL2DWP(41), SP9KR(41), SQ4JEN(41), SP4YR(41), RW4PU(40), UT8IT(40), RK7C(40), SP2IU(40), SP3LAU(40), SQ6CNR(39), RN6BP(39), R2ZR(39), SQ9JYK(39), UX8IX(39), SQ7SAU(39), SQ2TOM(38), SP1KRF(38), SP5ATO(38), SP4GFG(38), IZ0PMV(38), DL5AWI(38), RU3KY(38), SQ6JFR(38), SP3MEO(38), SP9CTW(37), SQ2MTI(37), DL1MDU(37), SQ9PPT(37), SQ1NXW(37), UR8GH(36), HA5KY(36), ON3ND(36), SP9LIP(36), SQ5PGC(36), SP6HEQ(35), 9A1AA(35), SP7IIX(35), SQ8PIW(35), YO6KNE(35), UR5IRM(35), SP9WZO(35), DG0DRF(35), SP2NBV(34), SP5XOC(34), SQ8SV(34), SP2EWQ(34), OK1VK(34), SP5ELW(34), UR5MIJ(34), SP9CQ(34), SN1050JPM(34), DH2PL(33), SP9FRZ(33), SP5GDY(33), SP2KFD(33), SP8ILF(33), EW8OW(33), OM7OM(33), SQ8CMF(33), SP4CJA(33), SP9MRP(33) & K4DY(14), PY5ZHP(13). 

The best SP station is SP5CCK
The best EU station is LY2MM
The best DX station is K4DY
and The best Polish DX station is PY5ZHP

The number of unique callsigns = 15027

Total QSOs in the our log = 55392

DXCC = 144